White Check with Polka Dot Border


White Check with a Dazzling Polka Dot Border


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This Plain Bank Check is a simple white colored check design with a multi-colored border featuring tiny pink and green polka dots. This bank check is available in single or duplicate checkbook options.

Price starts at $12.99 per box.


Modern Gray Check

Gray Checks with a Silver Foil Accent

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This Plain Bank Check features a darkened diamond silhouette at the center with a surrounding black and gray rectangle border.  The background color of this check is gray with wavy lines throughout.  An elegant, metallic silver accent decorates the very top of this check.

Prices starts at $21.99.

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The Dignified Green Bank Check

Classic Green Bank Checks are the Official Secure Check!


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This Plain Bank Check features a dignified, classic, artistic bank pattern that resembles a bank certificate on mint-green colored, secure paper.

Price starts at $16.95.

The Modern Blue Bank Check

The Modern Blue Bank Check

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This Plain Bank Check features a sleek blue and white horizontal striped design.  The top and bottom borders are solid bars in charcoal gray color.  This Blue Personal Check is found in a checkbook that also has the same check design in alternating yellow, pink and orange colors.

Price starts at $21.99 per Box.

Elegant White Check Design

Elegant and Simple - White Checks with Corner Accents


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This Plain Bank Check features a simple white background with an elegant cream colored border.  Each corner of this personal check has an elegant, geometric dark green and grey design.

Price starts at $6.99 per box.

The Monogram – Blue Check


Light Blue Check with Monogram


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This Bank Check features a soothing, pastel blue background with yellow, sea green and greyish-blue colored stripes forming a border at the top.  There is a modern greyish blue triangle design at the top center of this check.  In the top left hand corner there is a fancy monogram displaying the first letter of your last name above a crescent.


This Solid Personal Check Design is found in a Country Club Style Checkbook that resembles the colors and styles of the classic polo shirts golfers wear on the golf course.  There are 3 other checks designs that rotate in this checkbook that are either solid or striped in style.  Colors in this checkbook include combinations of blue, orange and purple colors.

Price starts at $18.99 per box.


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Brown Personal Checks


Brown Bank Checks are So Classy!


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This Plain Bank Check features a sophisticated, marble design that contains a swirl of brown and white colors.  The border of this check is bold and light brown in color with a dark brown accent surrounding the entire check.

Prices starts at $4.99


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Hologram Personal Checks


Be Secure with Platinum Gray Checks!


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This Modern Bank Check includes the latest bank security features, such as a foiled hologram that can not be copied or scanned, chemically sensitive paper that prevents chemical alteration and a microprint signature line that will show words when photocopied.

Price starts at $19.95 per box.

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Vintage Pink Bank Check


Bring Back the Romance with Vintage Pink Bank Checks!


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This Beautiful Pink Bank Check features an old fashioned style check design with a soft pink colored background.  Elegant touches, such as handwritten words, a heart-ribbon print at the top center and a fine black outline border create a fancy personal check design.

Price starts at $15.99 per box.

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Money Green Bank Check


Show Them the Money with Money Green Personal Checks!


Green Personal Checks










This Green Plain Bank Check features a simple, marble green check design with a rich, green border.  Each box of checks includes a total of 120 checks in the same design with bank deposit slips and a personal check register.  Manufactured with security features to protect you from fraud.  Guaranteed to be accepted at all banks and financial institutions.

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