Money Green Bank Check

The Money Green Personal Checks


Green Personal Checks

Lime Green Designer Bank Check


Just in time for spring….Lime Green Checks!


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This novelty Bank Check features a fun circle-checkered design with a vibrant green colored background.  The checking account number and the amount box are highlighted in white color for easy check ready and bank processing.

This colorful check is found in a Designer Checkbook that is just bursting in color.  Other background colors sporting the same patterned design include orange, pink, purple and turquoise blue.

Price starts at $15.99.


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Gray Marble Business Checks

Grey Business Checks









This is a luxurious light grey colored bank check with a darker gray colored marble accent throughout.  A black and red striped horizontal bar decorates the top of this check.  A matching black stripe is found at the bottom.


This original bank check is found in a check book of this single design in grey (exactly as shown above).  This is a side tear check style, allowing for quick and convenient check writing.


Security features include Erasure Protection, Chemical Protection and Microprint Signature.


Price starts at $20.99 per box.


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Rainbow Checks will Brighten the Day!


Multi-Colored Rainbow Checks


Rainbow Bank Checks










This Plain Bank Checkbook features a solid color design with a colorful, vertical rainbow-striped border.  The base colors are blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink.

Price starts at $20.95





The Diamond Star – Blue Safety Checks

Shine Bright with The Diamond Star -  Executive Blue Checks


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The check book manufacturer Checks-Superstore designed a BRAND NEW personal check that cleverly modernized the typical boring blue bank check, creating a striking professional check with a soft diamond-star dropped background with the main colors being navy blue, grey and white.  A rich, navy blue horizontal border is found at the top and bottom of this check.

This contemporary check book features a rotating replica of this check design in additional colors, such as yellow, brown and orange.

Price starts at $6.99.

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Natural Bank Check Design

Natural Checks with the Good Old Fashioned Look!


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This Plain Bank Check has a vintage feel, designed to look as if it is made of handmade paper, just like in the olden days, when paper had slight imperfections.  The base color is greyish-brown with gray and white authentic paper fibers.  The edges have a rough, ripped presentation at the top and sides in a deep sea blue color.  A matching monogram tops the left top corner of the check.

Price starts at $13.95.

Blue Check Design with Borders – Only $6

Dark Blue Monarch Checks -  are a Whopping 70% OFF!


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This Plain Bank Check is defined by a classic, solid blue color design that is accented with a darkened upper and lower horizontal border.

Price starts at $20.99.


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High Security Hologram Checks

High Security Green Bank Checks


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Here is the ultimate High Security Personal Check that has been specifically designed to prevent identity theft.  It provides high tech safety guards that most other checks do not.  This check design contains a heat reactive ink circle at the top right side and a vertical, blue hologram foil bar on the left side to keep thiefs away.  The background color is mint green framed by a blue, chain-link border.

Price starts at $28.99.


Turquoise Blue Checks with Navy Border

Turquoise Blue Checks are a Work of Art!


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This Plain Bank Check has a signature turquoise blue and white watercolor style background.  An elegant navy blue square stamp is brilliantly positioned under the Pay to the Order of section of the check.  A matching border highlights the edges of this personal check, creating a simple piece of art.

This check is part of a checkbook that also presents this trendy design in other rotating colors, including pink, orange and green.

Price starts at $12.99.

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Luxurious Marble Design Purple Checks

Purple Marble Design Checks - The Simple Luxury!


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This Bank Check is defined by a distinctive deep purple colored arch border that surrounds a luxurious purple and white marble background.  Matching Message Cards and Address Labels are also available here.

Price starts at $20.95.

Use CHECK COUPON CODE: DB4381 to get 2 boxes of these bank checks for $8.95 (shipping included!)